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Alicia Doyle is a skilled writer with 21 years experience that began with newspaper journalism.

Alicia has covered a range of topics, from crime to sports to special education. With an affinity for human interest stories, she has written hundreds of thousands of articles about inspirational people, places, events and organizations that have a positive impact on the community and world at large.

Alicia specializes in Good News – stories about programs, efforts and people from all walks of life that make a difference. This vision was reflected in a live talk radio segment, The Human Condition, which aired on The Judge Wyld Show on KAVD 103.1 FM in Colorado.

Examples of the scope of her vocation include a man born without arms and legs who gives motivational talks, a 90-year-old skydiver, missionaries serving inmates in a third-world prison and a World War II veteran who continues the fight to bring thousands of soldiers missing in action back home.

Nonprofit organizations that Alicia has written about include the Special Olympics, Simi Valley Council on Aging, Brain Injury Center of Ventura County, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura, Center4Special Needs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Ventura County, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ventura Buddhist Center, United Parents, Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, Stagecoach Inn Museum, Mary Health of the Sick Convalescent Home, Ridone Inc., United Cerebral Palsy Los Angeles, Cypress Place Senior Living, SCAN Health Education Center, Simi Valley Senior Center, Ventura County Community Foundation, Goebel Senior Adult Center and Free Clinic of Simi Valley.

Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Los Angeles Daily News, Ventura County Star, The Malibu Times, Ventura County Reporter, Connect to Wellbeing Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, The Larchmont Chronicle and numerous other print and online publications.

August 10, 2007: God works in mysterious ways, and one of those ways was Alicia Doyle. Because she cared enough to take the time to write an article about a store with care and devotion and much needed information, she was able to help one family and one special little girl named Kalista to have and keep that stubbornness, self confidence and happy attitude that she was born to have.

Juan Bernal, father of Kalista, who lost her hair at age 3

October 15, 2009:
Every so often I run into wonderful people who bring hope and trust in a world of despair, frustration and anger. You do it with your good news writing - not the doom and gloom nor the horrible violence but the sheer encouragement  and positive acceptance of reality. My hat's off to you. We need to clone you for more!
Mohammed A. Hasan, P.E., R.E.A., F.ASCE
Rotary Club Ventura East

January 6, 2011: Hi Alicia, I could not let another day go by without thanking you for the article in the Star last week. We were all very excited and got several calls. One of the calls we received was from an 84 yr old woman who cares for her 47 yr old bi-polar son. He wasn’t doing too well over the holidays and she was so relieved to be able to talk to someone who understood what she was living with. She began crying and kept blessing us for talking with her.  We will be talking with her and will give her support so we can help both of them receive proper services. We had another call from a worried teacher of a 1st grader. He was having lots of problems and had been suspended repeatedly.  She wondered if we might be able to talk with the mother so the youngster could be assessed for special needs. On behalf of United Parents and those that your article helped, thank you so much! Have a great New Year!

Mary Ellen Collins,

Executive Director, United Parents

September 13, 2010: It is with sincere appreciation that I extend my gratitude to you Alicia, for the wonderful article you published about my memoir, Little Madhouse on the Prairie: A True-Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit. I would like to commend you, in two different ways.  First, your style of writing is clear and concise, and you were able to relay in a very professional manner the important emotional element of the material. Secondly, and I think more importantly, I want to thank you for taking the time to grasp what this work is really about – focusing attention on the issue of childhood mistreatment, so that we can create a better world for all children. There are many journalists who are able to write wonderful articles.  There are a lot fewer who reach a full emotional understanding of the material they are writing about.  You are definitely included in the latter.

Marion Witte, Author and Child Advocate, Founder, The Angel Heart Foundation

June 10, 2010: To paraphrase a famous journalist, Mark Twain: "Reports of the death of newspapers are greatly exaggerated." Call me old-fashioned but I still read them, in print and online, too. Contrary to what some are saying these days about the effect of the Internet on newspaper readership, my own experience has been that every time the Ventura County Star's Alicia Doyle writes an article about one of my native plant walks, I get a huge turnout. My efforts to publicize my walks on Facebook pale in comparison. On that note, when it comes to political news reporting and editorials, I'm surprised at how easy it is for bloggers to get people's attention standing on their virtual soapboxes. In my book, there's still a lot to be said for trained journalists who know how to verify their facts, vet their sources and present the news with some degree of objectivity. I have no idea what percentage of your readership is online, but I hope that in the apparent switch from paper to virtual news that "real" newspapers like The Star are able to keep paying the professionals.

Lanny Kaufer, Ojai

October 21, 2009: Alicia,  We have 30 people signed up for tomorrow and counting, with Dr. P.'s talk on post traumatic stress disorder. Take 30 times how many people they will tell and touch. I talked to a woman today, her son died. She knew Dr. P. many years ago and feels strongly that this will help her. Everyone who calls has a story and such a level of gratitude for this offering of help. Men and women are calling, one man said he feels like this is his last hope. People are in love with the article, you are just the best and you always represent everything correctly.
Diane Loring, owner Spa by Diane Loring, Inc.

December 18, 2009: As always, Alicia, you always capture the heart of the person or the story you are writing about. I do not have to worry about misquotes or something being made up for a story. Thank you for using the gift in which you have to spotlight the good that is going on in this world, when there is so much negative happening. All the MJ Fans appreciate your heart to understand their love for Michael Jackson as well as their dedication to give in his memory and that this is a mission to make a difference. Toys are coming in and we thank you for your story.

Mikaeli King, founder of

December 12, 2009: Hi Alicia: You did a great job with our article that came out today! I mean it. I know I sent you home with a lot of info but you managed to cover every topic I asked you to highlight for us! And there were a lot of them. We started getting calls first thing this morning telling us it was a great article and asking for the zip code to mail us some donations. So please know that you really helped us. You do great work, you do what you say you will, you never "misquote" me or get information messed up. When I first took this job in May people said, be very careful with the press, they don't always write what you think they are going to write, but you certainly do. Thank you so much for all you've done for us.

Sherry Brockus, executive director, Humane Society of Ventura County

May 20, 2009: Just want you to know that your column has been incredible! God bless you for taking the time to listen. I can't tell you how many wonderful responses came for your words. Even sold some online! Just know that people read you. What a great writer you are! I'm going to send a note to your publisher and let him know how wonderful you are also, and that his paper makes a difference in the lives of others! I know... I was one of them!
Gina Woods, founder, Just Mom, Inc.

May 2, 2008: Thank you so much for the excellent coverage of our group in the Ventura County Star on April 11th.  We received many inquiries and many more individuals have become involved with us as a result.  Everyone who has read the article has remarked on how good it was. I greatly appreciate your contribution to our efforts to help more people suffering with depression.

Vincent F. Caimano, Ph.D.,Conejo Valley Depression Support Group

January 3, 2008: Thank you for the article about my daughter. It is well written & factually accurate...she has worked hard and I'm delighted to see her getting recognition for her efforts.

Amy West, mother of Allyson West,
founder of the California Re-Entry Program.

May 20, 2008:
I just wanted to thank you so much for running the wonderful article on my program that came out on Mother's Day in the Arts & Living section. The response I got was so amazing that I was able to startup another class of 11 women! I received about 20 calls from that article & I can't thank you enough!! It was the best feedback I've ever got from any form of advertising that I've done in the past!

Shana Daniels
founder, Body & Life Makeover

August 31, 2007: I want to let you know how much I appreciated your article. The article may have grabbed the attention of a goodly (is that word used anymore?) number of readers. I've been bombarded with people, some of whom I hardly know and none of whom knew an article about me was coming out. They all exclaimed about how good it was.

Robert West, Author
The Star-Fighters of Murphy Street

November 8, 2007: The Auction Committee just met and were thrilled with your wonderful coverage of our upcoming event. Thank you for your time, energy and writing talent in showcasing the Boys &Girls Club of Ventura. You are greatly appreciated!

Nancy Gregg, Director of Development
Boys& Girls of Ventura

April 09, 2008: Thank you Thank you Thank you! You wrote a wonderful article. I am so pleased. We have had a real need for some press lately and this really fits the bill. Your writing is excellent and you have no idea what this will do for us. I hope you can write for us again. You are top notch reporter.

Bill Benson
Artistic Director/Conductor
Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras

April 30, 2008: I continue to receive phone calls and positive comments regarding your fine article printed last Monday.Again, thank you very much.

Walt Robbins, Chairman
Camarillo Council on Aging

May 22, 2008:
Thanks for the lovely article about Dorothea Phelan and the Victorian Strip; I learned some things I didn't know about Dorothea. Aren't people wonderfully complicated and resilient!I also want to thank you so much for your special piece in April on Phil Taggart's exhibit re homelessness at the Artist's Union Gallery. I admire Phil's poetry, and your article reminded to go to his amazing exhibit.

Susan Gerrard
Director of Marketing
Museum of Ventura County

June 26, 2008: I just got off the phone with the folks at Junior Blind of America and they were thrilled with your profile of Joel Mueller and the Junior Blind Olympics. I just wanted to thank you for that wonderful story.

Emily Ruyle
The Rogers Group

February 20, 2008: I wanted to thank you for the wonderful article that was in today’s paper regarding Johnny Williams and the Ventura Family YMCA. It is so nice to have one of our lead volunteers recognized for the great work hat he is doing.

Amy Bailey Sr.
Director of Marketing and Programs
Ventura Family YMCA

October 18, 2007: My goodness! What an amazing article you wrote about Karen shaving her head! Everyone has told me it brought tears to their eyes - including the guys! Your writing technique and layout perfectly described our mission to our community and I can't thank you enough! We have already buzzed a new clients' hair and she felt safe to come to us. 

Rochelle Scott, owner
Godiva's Secret Wigs and Godiva's After Dark

March 23, 2007: I wanted to thank you for the wonderful article that you wrote about Music for Heart. I really appreciate your efforts.

Frank Littman
Agoura Hills / Oak Park Rotary Club

June 29, 2008: In case there was ever any doubt in your minds, people do read the B-section of the Star. Counting two babies in backpacks, we had 50people show up for the native plant hike on Saturday!!! That's the largest turnout I've ever had. Thanks to Alicia for a well-written,accurate, obviously inviting article. They came from all over the county and the vast majority raised their hands when I asked how many had learned about it from the Star. Thanks so much for bringing everyone together for an outdoor activity and environmental cause that apparently was filling a need in Ventura County.

Lanny Kaufer

May 9, 2008
Congratulations on your two recent articles featuring Nicole Cabell. Both Nicole and her mother were thrilled upon reading them. In addition, your work was very well received by those involved with the City Council, School District, and Ventura Music Festival. Thank you once again for your professionalism. Each person you came in contact with (Cheryl Heitmann, Mayor Christy Weir, Nicole and our firm, among others) pass our congratulations and appreciation to you for helping to make this 14th season of the Ventura Music Festival one its most successful ever!

Tina Vervoorn
Manager, Public Relations
Consortium Media Services

July 30, 2008
Great article today on the YESS! Program. I just wanted to say thank-you so much for highlighting a program that yields GREAT results for our youth!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!

Erin Antrim, Director of Delinquency Prevention
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme

January 3, 2009

That was a wonderful article you created for our program.  We received some promises of additional support and I personally was moved by some past students contacting me about the programs I have created at Sequoia and that they wanted to help.  Thank you so much for your effort and talent in creating a story about the TREE program and the VCF&G grant.  Happy New Year, and may your writing continue to move people to act and reflect.

Allen Sauté
Environmental Horticulture
Sequoia Middle School

Friday, July 11, 2008
THANK YOU so much for all you are doing to help Pet Lovers in Ventura learn how to better help their pets! My phone was literally ringing off the hook today thanks to your article on my upcoming Pet First-Aid & CPR Class.

Denise Fleck
Sunny-dog Ink

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